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frizzé | Inmigrantes


Advertise made for the brand Frizzé showing their new product.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

fitdance | argentina


Coreographies, explosions, energy and a lot of good vibration. Fitdance is responsible for coreographies of big artists around the world and also give dance classes. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos aires en 30seg.


I had a challenge: show in 30 seconds some of this huge city that never sleeps. It's impossible but I accepted anyways and here is the result.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Through this video we understand why everybody fall in love with this city. Fast pacing edit, great narrative, mood and flow. This is one of my favorite videos. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina


The brand looked for a video that could show in a fast pace edit a b-roll that was cool and aimed for social media. All filmed handhelded and with a single lens.  

Buenos Aires, Argentina

crossfit argentina



Crossfit Argentina is a project that started in Brazil with Boiler Channel team that I want to bring to Buenos Aires.
High quality, intense and real videos of what is to be a crossfiter. Testimonials, trainnings and much more...

Niteroi / RJ, Brazil

Anchor 1




Skateboarding, good lenses and high shutter speed. A super talented brazilian skateboarder faced this tough rail just a few metters to a huge cliff in the famous Museu de Arte Contemporânea - MAC.

Niteroi / RJ, Brazil

hyperlapse la bombonera


1852 Photos. 1 Amazing Tour video!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

stray ii - teaser



A teaser made for the sequence of the Short Action movie from the filmmaker Caio Fontes - STRAY.

Niteroi / RJ, Brazil


alpha vol i



Short Action Movie made with zero budget, some nice shots and good fighters. The predessor of STRAY.

Niteroi / RJ, Brazil

barco do amor


"Barco do Amor" is a very famous boat party in Rio de Janeiro produced by Me Gusta. This is a short clip of the event.

Client: Festa Me Gusta
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


ssm - sol


SSM or Sociedade Secreta dos Magros is a rap group very popular in Rio de Janeiro. Specially in Niteroi. 
The idea of the videoclip was to show the naturality of the group in their environment: Praia do Sossego.

Client: SSM
Niteroi / RJ, Brazil




A short clip of the main attractions of the gig in Botafogo, Rio.

Client: Abraxas Music Producer
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Play Me

usa today - gastronomy


USA TODAY came to Rio de Janeiro to try the local food and dishes with Nancy Trejos. Together, we have been through nice bars, butecos and restaurants trying the best foods EVER!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


DOn carlos pizza gourmet



First of all, this guy make the best pizza in the world! 
Don Carlos asked me to translate the essence of his masterpieces and the result is a "eat me" pizza video.

Client: Don Carlos Pizza Gourmet
Niteroi / RJ, Brazil

vEm pra cozinha


VEM PRA COZINHA is a delightful gastronomic experience conceived by chef Carol Kalil where we created a Youtube channel to show her recipes and tricks to prepare delicious gourmet dishes.

Client: Vem pra Cozinha
Niteroi / RJ, Brazil

shell - iniciativa jovem


Hours and hours of motion graphics for this short video for Shell. The concept was to show to future entrepreneurs how to join "Iniciativa Jovem" and learn the steps to reach the top at their business.

Client: Shell
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


shell - iniciativa jovem


The concept was to show to future entrepreneurs how to join "Iniciativa Jovem" and learn the steps to reach the top at their business.

Client: Shell
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

rolÉ jovem


Results of a qualitative study of ethnographic that aimed to identify the mindset and behavior of the youth in Rio de Janeiro. Research has non-profit or commercial purposes.

Client: Agency Republica
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Espm - sk8park


ESPM is one of the best Marketing University in Brazil and they asked to the agency Republica to engage the young public to the Communication area. The result was a funny event with skateboard and art.

Client: ESPM
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

gulaa bagels

Gulaa wanted a quick and funny video to show how they prepare they're delicious bagels.

Client: Gulaa Bagels and Coffee
Buenos Aires, Argentina

frame institutional


FRAME is an architecture studio based in Buenos Aires with a view on concern for sustainability and environment always looking to innovate in design and solidity of their projects

Client: FRAME
Buenos Aires, Argentina

pEtrus institutional



Client: Petrus
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

brasil game cup



Client: Brasil Game Cup
Sao Paulo, Brazil

brasil game show



Client: Brasil Game Show
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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