Frizzé l Inmigrantes l Martin Romanella l

Frizzé l Inmigrantes l Martin Romanella l

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Frizzé l Inmigrantes l Martin Romanella l

We are PORTEÑOS - Buenos Aires, the city of MANY PASSIONS


Maigo Jewelry

Buenos aires en 30seg.


I had a challenge: show in 30 seconds some of this huge city that never sleeps. It's impossible but I accepted anyways and here is the result.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

DOn carlos pizza gourmet



First of all, this guy make the best pizza in the world! 
Don Carlos asked me to translate the essence of his masterpieces and the result is a "eat me" pizza video.

Client: Don Carlos Pizza Gourmet
Niteroi / RJ, Brazil

rolÉ jovem


Results of a qualitative study of ethnographic that aimed to identify the mindset and behavior of the youth in Rio de Janeiro. Research has non-profit or commercial purposes.

Client: Agency Republica
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

frame institutional


FRAME is an architecture studio based in Buenos Aires with a view on concern for sustainability and environment always looking to innovate in design and solidity of their projects

Client: FRAME
Buenos Aires, Argentina